Considered Interior Design

“I’d like to share, build a community, do something with like minded designers, makers and people who want to help more in Thoughtful Design.”

Over the past year or so, I’ve been exploring ways I can deliver a more sustainable business in a number of ways. To consider what I do and the impact it has.

At home, as a family, we are dedicated to do what we can to minimise our footprint. On a good day, we are about 80-90% plastic free. We try and reduce our waste as much as we can. We’ve changed what we buy: thinking more about what and why we buy something. Focusing on less is best; quality, long term not quick or throwaway fixes. Looking at products that are recycled or embody a sustainable ethos, supporting circularity; doing what we can to be more environmentally and socially thoughtful in all that we do.

Taking this ethos/ approach into my work, I want to share more about my journey on how I try to do this in my business, day to day...

Who I partner with, what I recommend, specify, how I design. Each day I develop, learn, grow and each day I refine my considered approach to design.

The more we are aware and see/ learn new ways, the more we can each do. There’s no one answer and it won’t happen over night, but we need to start somewhere.

UN reports have highlighted how our household is one of the key contributors to our impact on the environment. Just like with fashion and food, what we place into our homes, how we refurbish or maintain them, has a huge impact on resources, emissions and societies around the world. There’s an array of products and ideas out there for making a house a home but looking through the fads, trends, and perceived must haves, there’s a need, an opportunity to design homes that are responsibly made, that will last.

I’d like to share, build a community, do something with like minded designers, makers and people who want to help more in this area. Highlight collaborations and conversations to aim and deliver thoughtful responsible design.

Ideally this is not just to benefit a few. I’d like to share and make it accessible for all to consider how and what they do for their home. There’s so much chat about the fashion and food industries but the construction and home design industry also needs to do more.

I keep procrastinating about how or what to share/ say. But I just have to make a start. So here I am, sharing my aspirations.

This last week I’ve been scouring the London Design Festival for more ideas and innovations: the media are sharing ideas, designers are talking, prototypes are being developed.

Things are definitely starting and that’s exciting …